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Tell Stories: says the World's Greatest Leadership Guru

by Phil Dourado April 9, 2014

Shared in The Leadership Hub with permission of the Tom Peters 

PS Yes, I do think he's 'the world's greatest'. Here's a story I heard him tell when Tom Peters was speaking at a conference I helped to organize and his lapel mike broke. We handed him a hand mike. He said something like: "Damn, I hate using these because I talk with my hands. (You can see from the video how true that is!) I feel one-armed now. Reminds me of the story about Harry Truman shouting 'Bring me a one-armed economist!' His economic advisors said 'We don't know any? Why?' 'Because,' Truman supposedly said, 'I'm sick of you economists telling me, when I ask what's happening in the economy, 'Well, on the one hand ... and on the other ...' ... "