Andy Grove of Intel asks Eric Schmidt of Google an interesting question

by The Architect September 8, 2008

Google has been in the news with the launch of its Chrome browser (and, less noticeably, with its Android phones, which have attracted less attention). And Gary Hamel writes interestingly about its apparently chaotic structure and approach to leadership, in his latest book The Future of Management. CEO Eric Schmidt was brought in by founders Page and Brin to add some structure. I find this clip fascinating because of the way Intel CEO Andy Grove asks the question about Brownian Motion - although he takes an age to ask it, he is absolutely riveting - and the fact that the two interviewers with access to both Grove and Schmidt look like college students. Few leaders of old-style giant companies would give 'face time' to the young and the curious; only to a deferential journalist from the FT or The Economist or Wall Street Journal. It's a mark of new economy leaders that they grant access to 'power' (sharing their views in this way) as openly as this... 

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