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Special interest leadership groups from the community designed to teach, inspire, motivate and entertain.



Group started by The Architect
A group to bring current and new issues to the attention of members - surveys, news, comment, events, analysis that are of interest to leaders.The 'Interesting 2007' badges are from the excellent Interesting 2007 event organized on a shoestring in Lo...

Lead Well and Prosper

Lead Well and Prosper: 15 Successful Strategies

Group started by Anonymous
15 part short course.Hello and welcome to my group. Each week I will post one of fifteen lessons on leading well, building up to a course of regular reflection and advice that I hope and trust you will find useful. Do click on 'join this group' to su...

Leaders in Life

Group started by Lauren Natali
Videos and Articles on Modern and Past Leaders.Hello! This form is to discuss leaders both in everyday modern life and in the past. I hope that this form can be useful to both business men and women, as well as students and beginning leaders hoping t...

Leadership Excellence

Group started by Harshal Shelat
Share and Exchange, Idea & Thoughts on Leadership and Management which affect Leadership skills.I want to Share and Exchange, Idea & Thoughts on Leadership and Management which affect Leadership skills.

Medical Leadership

Medical Leadership

Group started by Phil Dourado
A group dedicated to improving leadership in the health services and among health & medical practitioners

Member Events

Member Events

Group started by The Architect
Got an event coming up that you want other members to know about? If you're taking part in a leadership event - maybe a radio interview or a seminar, a speech or a conference - let other Hub members know about it here


Member Podcasts

Group started by The Architect
Audio tips on leadership. Got a podcast or online recording of yourself giving insight, ideas, tips or inspiration on an aspect of leadership? Create a post and upload it here or add a link to it so your fellow members can listen to it and maybe...

Onsite Insights

Onsite Insights Group

Group started by Ailsa Kaye
Welcome to Onsite Insights, a UK national business improvement programme based on sharing best practice.We achieve this through the organisation of workshops to highly successful companies recognised for their best practice and achievement...

Performance @ Work - Introducing Quality Principles

Group started by Kate Moor
What is required to establish and lead a high performance culture in a regional environment? What are the tools and techniques that work?I have long been an advocate of cultural change and have a number of years experience in leading activities in mu...

Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll

Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll

Group started by Peter Cook
Hi all, My name is Peter Cook and I have started this group entitled ‘Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll’, based on my book of the same name. Now that I have your attention through an attention grabbing title, let me explain more. The group aims to expl...