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How to lead an M & A

Mergers and Acquisitions

Group Started by

Phil Dourado

Well over 80% of Mergers and Acquisitions destroy value instead of adding it. This is a massive failure of leadership. Use this group to change that.

I've started this group because this is an absolutely vital area of leadership that is failing everywhere you look. M & As are the key source of (attempted) fast expansion. This reliance on M&As as a way of expanding is, in itself, largely due to the inability of leaders to create a working strategy for sustained organic growth at a pace that satisfies themselves and the stakeholders in the organization.

As soon as one or two people who know more about successfully leading Mergers and Acquisitions than I do join The Hub, I'll hand over ownership of this group to them so they can set the agenda here. In the meantime, I'll make one or two posts to start us off in our mission to change those dreadful statistics and make sure M&As that we are involved in or that we lead remain among the small percentage that successfully add value rather than destroying it.

Group Contributions

Challenger's success mentor

by Dhananjaya Parkhe April 14, 2009

How Emotions can make or break an M&A

by Phil Dourado July 8, 2007