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Group Coach

Group Coach

Group Started by

Phil Dourado

Post a question or problem where you need multiple suggestions and advice from different quarters to aid your thinking.

If you need to tap into the Hub community's brains, post here something you need help to find a solution to - anything from motivating a disaffected team member to how to get your boss to stop breaking commitments...any "Has anyone faced this situation before and what did you do that worked...and what would you suggest I avoid because it doesn't work?" kind of questions that you urgently need some solutions to.

And please visit here regularly to offer tips, advice, information, your own experience of what worked and what didn't in a similar situation.

Please try and answer questions posed within a week of their posting.

The member who posts the question should then, at the end of a week, be able to harvest all the inputs to help them arrive at a solution.

Group Contributions

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