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Futures for Organisations

Group Started by

Robinson Roe

What started out as a Balanced Scorecard project has morphed into a framework for uncovering futures for organisations. Futures for Organisations.

I started this group with the intent of using the Balanced Scorecard to create a broader view of the underlying dynamics of an organisation. Armed with this understanding we could create a better future for ourselves. What I keep running into is a sea of complexity.

In my quest to learn I recently came across Ross Ashby's law of requisite variety: only variety can absorb variety. Or in other words: only complexity can absorb complexity. Stafford Beer uses Ashby's law in his Viable Systems Model. Beer 's model shows us a way how to handle complexity. It provides a framework to understand the dynamics of an organisation, whether that organisation is a company, a social group or our own bodies - which is what Beer uses as his basis for the model.

Therefore I hope the members of The Leadership Hub will allow me to change the direction of this group to one where we can explore how we can use a framework like Beer's Viable System Model to better understand the dynamics of our own organisation. And from this understanding start to plan the futures for organisations.

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