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Asia Pacific Forum

Group Started by

Kate Moor

Managing in a multi-cultural environment across AsiaPacific. Opening up the Asia Pacific frontier is a challenge that many of us face today. This group will serve as a meeting place for those of us who are working within Asia Pacific to share ideas, best practice and the challenges of working across many countries at differing levels of leadership maturity. As new markets within Asia Pacific open up, our challenges will only continue to grow as we face new language hurdles, technology shortfalls, differing expectations and gaps within our own leadership experience and knowledge.

Group Contributions

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by Kate Moor June 6, 2011

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by Kate Moor February 15, 2011

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by Kate Moor June 10, 2009

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by Kate Moor February 9, 2009

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by Phil Dourado January 5, 2009

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by Kate Moor December 28, 2008

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by Kate Moor August 27, 2008

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by Kate Moor July 13, 2008

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by Kate Moor June 15, 2008