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Simple Stories for Leadership Insights in The New Economy

by Ed Konczal June 29, 2012
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Simple Stories for Leadership Insights in The New Economy

Up from the Hub archives. Originally published 2007

We've read the books, attended the courses but the best Leadership lessons were the Simple Stories we experienced with real people in a variety of business decisions. Stories are a simple but effective way to develop leadership skills and improve organizational communications. This book contains 23 of our stories The stories tell how leaders dealt with people, complex issues, and tough decisions. Some of the stories are sad, others uplifting and some are funny. Some stories involve a few people others involve thousands. All gave us important leadership insights. They all based on our experience and you might find that a few relate to your own experience. Click here to find out more about the book

  • Explains how stories are becoming a valuable Leadership Tool
  • Describes how to develop and tell your own stories.
  • Helps Leaders understand the value of telling stories to communicate their vision, goals direction, energize their talent, customers and business
  • Describes the importance of Integrity as the essential Leadership characteristic
  • Provides a rich forum for dialogue, insight, problem solving and comparison to academic theory for academic leaders and their students.
  • Is supported by a website that contains tools for managers to use in their organizations to stimulate communications about Real business situations and their impact on people, customer and business success.