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Lead Like Mary

by victoria tunnicliffe October 17, 2014
Book Author: 
Lead Like Mary - an amazing leadership journey

The book is centred around a fictional leader named Mary and the ten traits that have been identified as what defines her successful leadership style and makes her part of what the author calls 'an evolution focussed on a more principled and effective way of leading'. The book is forteen chapters, with a core ten of those focussing on the following traits of 'Mary'; Serving Others, Personally Effective, Values-Led and Courageous, Trusting and Trustworthy, Right People on The Bus, A Visionary Who Executes, Absolute Clarity, Freedom Within a Framework, Joint Accountability and finally, Relentlessness.

Each of the 'trait' chapters is followed by relevant case studies, thought provoking questions and tasks to work on, and a useful notes section.

As a young, aspiring, professional I found this book acts as an inspiring and useful guide to leadership. It sets out many principles and values of effective leadership in a clear and concise way.I found the writing style to be extremely readable, and jargon free. You can easily get through your first reading in a weekend, but you could spend years referring back to the book and exploring how you could lead more like Mary yourself. Many other books go into greater detail, which can sometimes be alienating, but Lead like Mary makes it much easier to get to the core of the material and make practical use of it.

I found the book's great strength is it can be applied to leadership at any level - whether it be from chief execs to the shop floor. It's thought-provoking and easy to read. In short, it's the kind of book that you'll come back to again and again.

I would highly recommend this book to all those with a leadership role, whether it be recent, or something you have been doing for a long time, as I feel everyone would benefit from reading it.