The First 100 Days

by Phil Dourado July 4, 2007
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The First 100 Days

I stumbled across this book and think it's useful for anyone walking into a senior formal leadership position, even though it's actually written for new Managing Partners in law firms. It's an e-book. Only about 24 pages. Probably about a 10 minute skim read or a 30 minute read if you want to focus on it and take action notes.

I'd suggest you set yourself the task of taking away three things from the book to put into action yourself if you are a new leader and want to read it as a prompt to action. Or, if you are responsible for developing others as leaders, you could set them the exercise of reading the book and then deciding which three action points from the book they would put into action themselves as a new leader in a senior position and why.

Click on the link (the red book title, below) and it takes you to it. It's one of those 'Nxt' books that looks like a real book. Very nicely put together. I did find the print a bit small. Use the magnifying glass in the Nxt reader to make it easier to read.

The First 100 Days, by Patrick McKenna

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