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Weekend funny: What kids do all day on the computer

by Phil Dourado September 26, 2008

Well, there they are, hunched over the PC for hours, not eating, having to be dragged off the screen at bedtime. It's just unhealthy, isn't it? Why aren't they having real relationships like our generation did?

Or, alternatively, if you actually pay attention to what they're doing, they are making deep, genuine friendships all over the world and being hilariously funny. This is my son Danny and his new best friend. He lives in Bloxham, Oxfordshire. She lives in Perth, Australia. They've never met in real life. Yet they are so in tune with each other they can do this.

The Net generation of kids are the most connected, global citizens the world has seen, even if they never seem to step out of their bedrooms. Who says you have to meet people face to face to really know them?