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Useful Slideshare: Kim & Mauborgne's Blue Ocean Strategy summarised

by Inspector Gadget February 4, 2008

A slideshare summarising W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne's book Blue Ocean Strategy, including the strategy tools, assumptions and frameworks that it uses. This slideshare only references the authors right at the end and should really have done so right at the front as well. Also, attached (see below), is another slideshare from the same source that dives into (ahem, 'dives' - sorry; unintentional) more detail in showing the tools and templates you might want to use to put Blue Ocean Strategy into practice. It may take a minute for the embedded first presentation to load, below these words. Then just click on the play button to progress the slides. The second presentation is attached, so if you want that to help you delve deeper you need to move down this screen to the title of the second slideshare and click on it to download it.

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