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Thought From The Zen Garden: Is this Leadership?

by Zen Master May 19, 2008

This just arrived in my in-box as a description of the need to look for 'goodness' underlying everything that happens each day. I think it's a description of leadership (at least in part). Think 'leadership' as you are reading this and you may agree with me that what is desribed here is a big part of leadership today. What do you think?

Look For Goodness

In everything, goodness is there, our goal is to find it.

In every person, the best is there, our job is to recognize it.

In every situation, the positive is there, our opportunity is to see it.

In every problem, the solution is there, our responsibility is to provide it.

In every setback, the success is there, our adventure is to discover it.

In every crisis, the reason is there, our challenge is to understand it.

By seeing the goodness, we'll be very enthusiastic and our lives will be richer.

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