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They won't collaborate!

by Michael Glenn January 16, 2008

Hello all,

I manage a group of six IT system administrators. They work in pairs on specific technology platforms. One of the pairs does not seem to be able to work together. One member has been with the company for a few years and the other arrived a year ago. All was going well during the initial probationary period: the more experienced employee would share his knowledge of the company, procedures, etc. Several months ago, however, all seems to have stopped. I met with both employees seperately to look into what was going on. The more experienced worker thinks that the new guy has had enough coaching and should be able to work on his own by now. The new guy still makes mistakes, but nothing drastic. He says he is open to input from his partner but his partner no longer gives him feedback. They are both working well individually right now, but the new guy is starting to feel ill at ease...

Any suggestions?