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Some of the greatest people in the world...

by Matt Houk February 1, 2012

...wash floors, clean houses, or take care of other's who cannot take care of themselves. I was listening to Coach K's book "Beyond Basketball" while I was working out this morning. Coach K speaks very highly of his mother, Emily Krzyzewski. He says she was one of the greatest people that he has ever known, and she cleaned the Chicago Athletic Club for years. So, he discovered at a young age that some of the greatest people clean up after others for a living. This story got me thinking about my wife, Angie. My wife is one of the greatest, most giving, and the most selfless people I have ever had the opportunity to know. She has given up almost all of her own personal dreams to allow me to pursue mine. She is a wonderful mother, and she does whatever it takes to make sure our family has what it needs, even if that means taking care of elderly people who cannot take care of themselves for over 40 hours a week during the middle of the night. Angie leaves for work at 10 P.M. every night, and returns home at 7 A.M., and is lucky to steal a couple hours of sleep before having to pick up our youngest from preschool at 11 A.M. She never complains or feels sorry for herself, she just does what is necessary. She makes sure our team at home has everything it needs, so that I can make sure that my team here at school has every opportunity for success. I am so lucky to know the greatest person in the world, and I only hope I can give back to her a small percentage of what she has given me. Make sure you tell that person in your life who has given you the opportunity to pursue your dreams that you love them.