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Sharing and Interacting to become a better Leader

by Richard Furlong August 26, 2008

Hi and welcome. I, along with everyone here, want to grow more Life. One of my greatest personal joys is helping others who understand the humility of being a leader; there is risk in helping others however. The risk, in my experience, is that the other person we sacrifice for will not necessarily reciprocate in kind. Which can leave us open to the disappointment of our own expectations.

I think we have all experienced this in business or personal relationships. I know I came face to face with my own painful naivety about four years ago. It have found that it takes great courage to grow, to be honest with ourselves, to not give up, to be stronger than we were before. It takes courage and faith to continue, after people disappoint us. However, this is the way it is, because after all is said and done, it is no one else's responsibility for us to become a person of great relevance and significance, and because we can be so damn smart as adults, it may take us some time to learn this.

nuff said.

The internet and this Hub is such an amazing tool. Technology is meant to serve the mind and I am very grateful for a technology that allows me to reach out, to learn and to exchange ideas and value around the world. From my perspective, whatever I can share about my journey's continuing lessons or whatever I can share about the data conversion programs I have scoured the globe for in the past few years to find, I am willing to share with others here in the Hub. I have also recently discovered an exciting new business tool called HIMS or 'Human Interaction Management Systems' that may be of interest to some people.

In the words of the famous author Wallace Wattles; the desire to 'grow more Life to all and less to none' is a good motive. The most important ingredient to being a leader, is probably the desire to be one, thus I am honoured to be here with you. Your thoughts or questions will always be welcome.


aka: richforsandy