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President Karzai normally takes cash bags from Iran

by Arely Gxyz November 2, 2010

Hamid Karzi's presidency in Afghanistan has been full of questions concerning competency and trustworthiness. According to Associated Press accounts, Karzai has admitted he takes cash from Iran and also the United States – totes of money, in fact. This raises the question most of the world wants answered: whether the players getting the best Karzai money can purchase. Post resource - President Hamid Karzai says he takes bags of cash from Iran by Personal Money Store.

Cash obtained by Hamid Karzai for 'official presidential expenses'

Once or twice a year, "donation" are given to Hamid Karzai from Iran. These gifts are usually $700,000 to $975,000. The U.S. already knew about this Iranian assistance and has for a while, according to Karzai. He even goes so far as to say that "bags of money" come in from Washington itself. Iran had been giving Umar Daudzai cash, accounts the NY Times, which is why many think Karzai may have made this announcement. Afghan lawmakers, tribal elders and high-ranking Taliban officials are paid with all this money.

Money goes to Karzai from 'several nations' because his earnings are lacking

Before the Taliban regime in 2001 fell, Afghanistan's economy had been really bad, reports the CIA World Factbook. International assistance has aided recovery, but the nation is nevertheless considered poor and "highly dependent on foreign aid, agriculture and trade with neighboring countries.". This is what the claim is after all. Still, everybody knows Afghanistan sells more opium and hashish product than anywhere else. A lot of cash comes from the opium and other illegal drug trade which is why Karzai would not be that interested in stopping it. This has the Obama administration frustrated with the country. Today's Views show a poll done in Afghanistan. This shows that the majority of the public think Karzai has not done much for the country. The reason for this, say various sources on Wikipedia, is not what people assume. The economy in Afghanistan is agriculture based upon. Since poppies sell one of the most in Afghanistan, poor farmers end up within the drug business whether or not that is what they'd hope to be doing. But the farmers are not getting their slice of the pie. Many think that this is because they aren't sending Hamid Karzai his money like other countries are.