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One new thing I have learnt about leadership over this Winter (for us down under folks)

by Robinson Roe March 24, 2012

The one new thing I have learnt about leadership is that it is hard!

This Winter (Northern Summer) I have taken over a new team. The market that we play in has been slowly commoditising us and we have been complicit in this action by competing for work based on price. We need to change and the good news is that my new team and I all agree on this and even better we have a shared vision of what we need to change to. The shared vision came about because I listened to my new folks (pat on the back) and guess what they know what they are doing, they just needed someone to give them permission to do it. So far so good.

 What is hard is to to give my managers and people room to lead in their own right. I feel that I can help and often fall into the trap of "telling" too much instead of asking questions. What I am finding is that we are achieving so much more by letting my managers and people lead. Instead of one person making things happen there are now many of us making things happen. My role is supporting them as they take risks and follow what they belive is right. I am also trying to create feedback loops so they can see what results their actions and decisions are delivering and self correct.(This is the "getting the balanced scorecard to add up" project being recorded in a group in this hub.) 

But it is sooo hard to take that step back and lead by letting them lead (if that makes sense).