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The Negotiation Nexus

by Earl Wallace August 22, 2011

One-dimensional leaders will negotiate to make deals that only work for themselves, or their personal agenda, and not the other parties. Two-dimensional leaders set up "us vs. them" dynamics to divide and separate negotiating parties in order to pursue a side agenda that they do not acknowledged to all parties. Three-dimensional leaders focus on negotiating to secure achieving the missions that matter most to the success of all the partnering parties. Three-dimensional leaders focus on making deals that are fair both ways.

Once you determine that two or more parties have missions to fulfill that require their mutual cooperation, it is essential to deploy people with a three-dimensional mindset to negotiate the agreements that make mutual participation successful. This gives each party the best opportunity to arrive at the negotiation nexus.

The Three-Dimensional Leader explains the mission of negotiation is to reach an agreed upon mutually beneficial course of action using the resources of all the parties involved. The opportunity for negotiation occurs when two or more parties have missions that converge in such a way that requires their agreement, cooperation and participation to be successful

To negotiate is to interact with others to reach agreed-upon courses of action. Negotiation is not manipulation. It is bargaining, consulting, and discussing to reach settlements where mutual, collective advantage or outcomes occur that satisfy the various interests represented. The goal of negotiation is to keep the compatible agendas and missions moving forward in a win-win manner, while ensuring they do not collide.

Negotiation is a continuous process that parties must engage and reengage in as their contexts change. A change in context or circumstances requires renegotiation to adjust to variables to arrive at or maintain the negotiation nexus that facilitates mutual organizational mission fulfillment.

Earl C. Wallace is author of

The Three-Dimensional Leader:Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context.