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A Learning Distillery: Whole leadership books in 5 min animations

by Phil Dourado May 12, 2015

From 30SecondsMail (who have undercut me by 30 seconds, but I don't care as it's a great idea).

"We recently launched our "Book Distillery": We create super short and crisp 5 minute animated video abstracts of famous business books. There's no easier and funnier way to digest a whole book in such a short time. And it's 100% free (and always will be) :) We thought maybe your readers would like to know about it.

There will be one new "video-book" every week.

Here is our first video "Zero to One - by Peter Thiel"

Coming up: The Lean Startup, the 4-hour work week and many many more." - Ajie


Check out Aije's site by clicking here.