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Leadership Passages by David Dotlich, James Noel and Norman Walker

by Marne Platt August 2, 2007

Leadership PassagesThis is a great book at any stage in one's career. It describes significant events that can be career derailers or learning experiences: everything from taking an international assignment to dealing with a significant failure for which you are responsible. Each chapter includes a couple of brief examples with good and bad responses, some background on how the passage can be used to your advantage, and some thought-proviking questions. The book is also sprinkled with great quotes/vignettes by the authors and business leaders. On the surface, it's  a quick read, but I've gone back to this book time and again in the 3 years since I bought it.

The book puts a different perspective on some challenging situations. Reading made me better prepared for facing them and gave me some insights into my own reactions. Highly recommended!