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by ELVIS OSOTSI April 2, 2012

Every business leader is obliged to possess the mindset of a brand in himself. Brand insistence is thus a vital part towards establishing successful motivation of his/her followers.
In this perspective, a leader's business entity is himself. He should seek to have people choose to do business with him - being a super brand. Having employees choose to be led by this 'brand' is a quality none would fail to admire.

Confidence is all it takes to achieve this, being the result of competence- that is where knowledge, skills and experience merge congruently with focus.

The focus in this case is achieving significance rather than success. Through this we generate value rather than income. We position ourselves, not just sell. As a benchmark, value stipulates the number of challenges we solve as they arise.

This will allow us sieve processes that are shortcuts to success such as corrupt schemes. Socially acceptable ways of survival in business and corporate functionality, which are in themselves short-lived and unethical will be scrapped off the leadership school.

" Significance is lives long to empower and not just assist"