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The Kindergarten Mentality

by Andrea Kral June 23, 2009

Here in my office, the other collectors have a BAD habit.  When one of them is caught doing something they KNOW they shouldn't be doing, their FIRST istinct is to rat on someone else.  This is usually counterproductive as it only serves to show management that those below them have no respect for their authority.  Technically, they are saying, "Since you seem incapable of doing your job, let me do it for you."

These people continually FAIL to realize that in ANY office environment now-a-days, personnel problems are kept quite hush-hush until the very end when everyone gets the e-mail or announcement that "so-and-so" is no longer employed by "such-and-such" company.  And no one ELSE would know that YOU got in trouble if you didn't go and blab to everyone in the office.

I'm pretty sure that EVERYONE in my office has been talked to at some time or another regarding something they did wrong or inappropriate behavior.  However, some people in my office think that because SOME of us don't broadcast our mistakes to everyone (that is, unless it can be made into a learning experience) that management believes we are incapable of wrong-doing in management's eyes.

In MY office, I AM that person that the begrudged employees choose to think is incapable of wrongdoing in management's eyes.  Let me first day that I have been blessed with leadership that recognizes my technological talents and extremely good work ethic and therefore makes me available for SEVERAL special projects although I am the most junior collector on the team.  I've also been tapped to present information for a management book at my Section Meeting and then at my Division Meeting (my Division Chief sent me a personal "thank you note" and a $20 gift card to Starbucks).  Because of all these things, there are some who are nice to my face and talk about my "brown-nosing" behind my back.

Here's my secret...which really ISN'T a secret at all.  Do I tell my boss that people are talking about me behind my back?  NO.  Do I complain about being given special projects?  NO.  Do I tattletale on my co-workers even when I KNOW that they are doing wrong?  NO (or, let's say if I think it is detrimental to business, I instead ask my boss if this is the way I should be doing things too).  Do I turn my colleagues and co-workers away when I'm busy but they have a question?  NO...NEVER!  Do I trust my management to deal with personnel issues behind the scenes?  YES!