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Introducing Corner Office Episode #6: Experiment No. 1

by Susan Radojevic November 11, 2011

Like most people I have been following the EU debt worries, specifically the call, by the former Greek Prime Minister Papandreou, for the now defunct Greek Referendum and the Occupy movement. There are three points that I observed from watching these stories unfold.

  • First, they are experiments exploring solutions to some tough issues
  • Next, with experiments we don’t always know the outcomes
  • And finally, experiments require us to give up control

Case in point, (in my opinion) Prime Minister Papandreou called a referendum because he wanted to hear from citizens their thoughts on the financial issues they are facing. EU Leadership thought this didn’t fit into the discussed plan and encouraged him to shut it down. And while we sympathize with the people in the neighbourhoods where the Occupied are sitting and with the Occupiers, the point recently made by the London Ontario police, when they arrived in the middle of the night to remove tents and Occupiers’ belongings, is that local politicians don’t know what outcomes will develop and are concerned it will get out of control. Therefore they thought it best to shut it down. In my opinion.

Side bar: None of these reactions have contributed to or produced a viable solution.

The thing about experiments is they can also be very powerful leadership intervention tools. This is why, at our Agency, we decided to use our online business show Corner Office to conduct our own experiments to show corporate leaders how to bring about positive and long lasting results.

Live streaming on November 17th, 3 p.m. EST Debra Pickfield, Principal of THiNKSPOT Burlington and Jean Letourneau, President & CEO of SBVCG Inc. will put on explorer hats.  

For 30 minutes, our Explorers will share the Corner Office story – its purpose, goal and ongoing evolution. We will explain how we experimented with methods, resources, tools and technology to create an experience that:

  • Is relevant to our in-house audience and online community
  • Offers practical take-aways
  • And creates a safe environment to participate

Together we will paddle in unchartered waters, deal with unknown outcomes, unpack complex challenges and answer unasked (more like those avoided) questions. Oh and did we mention our in-house audience and you, our online community are invited to participate.

We’re giving up control and we don’t know what the outcomes are going to be. That said we do believe it will be a thought-provoking journey that you may not want to miss so…join us!