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Inspire Me: Ben Zander on 'Do their (and your) eyes shine?'

by The Architect June 29, 2008

There was a survey of happiness at work. Orchestra members came second from the bottom, just above prison guards. Chamber musicians came top. What's the difference between chamber musicians and orchestra musicians? No conductor. The conductor is a clasical leader archetype: command and control. Ben Zander isn't like most conductors. Here, at TED, he explains how you know you are getting it right as a leader when their (and your) eyes are shining. That's when they (and you) are engaged, passionate, contributing, in the flow...If it takes too long for the embedded clip to play, click on the link under it to go direct to the TED site and watch it there, where it's probably faster to load

Click here to watch this talk on the TED site, where it's probably faster than here, if it takes ages for the above to load