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The Industry of Leadership

by Kate Moor August 10, 2009

I have a dilemma and it has to do with the ‘industry’ of leadership.  What do I mean by the industry of leadership?    

It is the overuse of and the over promotion of ‘leadership’ at the expense of good management and at the expense of peoples motivation and self-worth.  Everywhere you turn today ‘leadership’ is in our faces.   The promotion of the view that unless you are a ‘leader’ you have limited value appears to have taken on a life of its own.   This bothers me greatly because what we need more than ever is good solid effective managers and we need those who push and promote ‘leadership’ to understand the value of management.  HR professionals you are on notice here.. 

Can you imagine my delight when the attached article popped up today!!   It says what I have been trying to articulate for some weeks now, so thank you.


Good management is a competency that we desperately need in many organizations (as well as government) but it is one of that we often overlook.    We promote people, we subject them to endless ‘leadership’ training but we often do not focus on good ‘old-fashioned’ management.   Perhaps we need to come up with a new word for management, something that sparks the imagination and that makes people believe that above average management practice can and will be the real diffentiator between and excellent company and an also ran company. 

As business heads it is our responsibility to promote management and management practice as well as focus on the leadership elements but when one overtakes at the expense of the other then we have a real problem.   We need to create balance.    

I think it is very sad as well as damaging when young and up and coming manager’s comment that they are not appreciated because they are not on the latest and greatest leadership group.    

I have set myself an objective to promote management and the value of management across my group and my organization.   I want to see us recognize management contribution more than we do at present.  I also believe that we need good leadership and I am committed to that, but as stated we need to achieve a balance.