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Ideas for Leaders: The Future Importance of Custom

by Jerry Tarasofsky August 22, 2011

The company FootJoy has a custom shoe division called MyJoys, where they can make various color and logo combinations on shoes that you order. These variations amount to something like 250,000 custom shoes you could potentially order. (Yes, I know that Nike is doing that, too. That's interesting-ish, too.)

I just think it's incredible. 250,000 possible combos. Now, I also know (because I spoke with Mike Lowe, Sr. Interactive Manager of Footjoy and he was kind enough to fill me in) that they do custom logos as well as major league baseball and National Football League and those kinds of things. Mike was contributing to a strategy meeting about the larger company's projects overall, but when we were all done, he walked with me by a table covered with special custom shoes..

Quick geek moment: how cool would it be to have a pair of shoes with my logo? Cool.

I think that custom projects like MyJoys are really where the action is. Like Seth said so well, "Small is the New Big."

What's your take? If something like shoes can be made into a customizable product, why are you still leaving your marketing to the mass level?

Moderator's comment: Think of the marketplace today and recognize how far this process has gone and where it is still heading.

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