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How to Resist Persuasion

by Phil Dourado August 16, 2011

A lot of so-called 'leadership communication' are attempts to persuade people to do things.  Often things people don't understand and don't want to do even if they do understand it. 

David Straker, over on his Changing Minds website, is one of the few people - only person, in fact - I know who gives you a vast suite of tools to help resist persuasion, rather than to persuade others (a lot of so-called leadership communication tools are just 'persuaders' - like advertising and marketing communications techniques adapted and used within the organisation, disguised and mis-named as 'leadership').

Here's David on how to use procrasination to resist persuasion.  And click on the link below that for an A-Z suite of tools on how to resist persuasion.

The Real agenda here, of course, is that David is reminding us that we are all adept at resisting persuasion, having grown up with persuasive marketing-type messages thrown at us all our lives, and we know how to filter and combat that.  Real leadership communication is something else entirely.  Here's David on Procrastination, from the Changing Minds Website.

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