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How To Communicate From A Stage

by Phil Dourado January 31, 2013

Up from the Hub archives. Originally published 2007

Leadership Speech

The next time you have to give a leadership speech - or any kind of speech for that matter - learn from this clip about

  1. The power of non-verbal communication
  2. The power of humour (or humor if you are in the US)
  3. The power of surprise

Also, think of how you react when something you have created - say a strategic plan or a report - is meddled with by someone else. Do you react defensively, as if any attempt at improvement means you must have made a mistake? Which, if you are in a position of power, will freeze all criticism as people will be afraid to challenge.

Or are you prepared to look foolish, as the creator of this song does by embracing the adaptations made by the mime artist and joining in with him in an act of collaboration that creates something powerful.