Get Of Me Butt

by Jason Cowsill April 19, 2008

Well, it's been a long time coming but I finally decided to start focusing on doing the right thing for me and making a contribution.

I'm working for a joint venture as part of 2 multinational, multi-billion dollar organisations which are going through absolute turmoil right now with no signs of it abating. The intranet blogs are full of discontent, especially directed at the leadership which is in a way riveting in itself. A captive collection of human behaviours all focused on one thing, how the leadership of the company affect their own wellbeing.

What does that mean for me, well I have learned that if I over analyse the situation and try to get an understanding of all perspectives, I just stagnate and become paralysed with trying to discover the truth wheras what I really need to do is find my own direction within this and commit it to the future of my company and my team. Afterall, I would not want to become the subject of those intranet blogs of which I am reading in disbelief.

And the most requested behaviour of the intranet bloggers? Transparency, especially in communication.

The majority of people want to believe in a future for the company and for themselves, but what I read is distrust in senior management, in a common direction, in communicating the truth, in working together to achieve more.

The company have set themselves challenging targets until the end of 2008. How far the company goes to achieve them remains to be seen.


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