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atms, business development, golf courses, payments, prepaid cards, saving energy - an eclectic range of subjects that should hopefully provide for serious discussion as well as some lighter entertainment.

Well here goes, never having blogged before, I suppose I am writing to introduce myself and outlining the experience that provides the foundation for providing a range of opinions and advice within this sector of the hub.

My own Company is Bonnyline. It's focus is to save the cost of electricity lighting in high use environments such as multi-storey car parking whilst reducing enormous amounts of CO2 in the process.  It's been amazing how difficult it has been to convince people that it is worth giving consideration to this worthy objective. "Not my responsibility", "No budget", "I'm not going to live long enough to care whether I save the planet" Ok, I made the last one up but you get the message.

Debit and Prepaid Card Processing is my "full-time" job. I've been in payment processing, ATMs, internet payments for about 20 years and keep pretty well connected. Always happy to contribute around the whole payments process.

 My life has been spent developing new business, sometimes more successfully than other. Have experienced the pain of working with a founder, companies out of control and under-investment. Also enjoyed the delight of successful start-ups, being in the right place at the right time and working with great teams.

 Finally and some might argue, most importantly, I have a good knowledge of the golf courses of the UK and Europe and if I don't know the answer immediately I will almost certainly know someone who does!

 Hope this has been helpful. If not please let me know and I can change it all around, make it more formal or whatever.

Thanks john