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The end of hierachy. And what that means for leadership

by Inspector Gadget April 9, 2008

Phil Dourado asked me to post this as he is too much of a techno-idiot ;0)

I don't completely get all the slides in this pecha kucha from Jurriaan Mous, but enough of the images ring true to me, and I love slide 14 on Workplace 2.0 with the guy sitting on top of the filing cabinet. Order from apparent chaos, self-organising systems (his weather slide), bottom up versus top down...there is enough in here to help us realise we need to think differently about what leadership is. So, I like it a lot...What do you think? (Click on the triangular play button to advance the slides. And use 'add new comment' at the bottom of this screen to add your thoughts on the end of hierarchy and what that means for leadership)

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