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Do you have a great leadership quote to share?

by The Architect June 23, 2009

Quotes!Today we launched the Quotes section of The Leadership Hub.

Many members of The Hub post fantasticly inspiring quotes.  These tend to get lost in the plethora of other information on the site.

To help with this we've introduced the 'Leadership Quotes' section.  If you feel you need more inspiration click on more and you will be given a list of all quotes within the Hub.

If you want to find all quotes by a specific person, simply click on the persons name.  You will then be given a page with quotes from that person only.

To add your own quote(s), click on the more link in the quotes panel to the right, and the click 'Add Another' or click here.

If you have any problems (or if you spot a bug) just comment below and I'll endeavour to fix them as soon as possible.

Happy quoting.

The Architect
The Leadership Hub