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The country needs leadership, now.

by Ramakrishna Murthy September 30, 2012

India, the country that gave birth to the great leaders. Lord Buddha, Chanakya, Asoka the great, Akbar the great, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma the great soul and the many. This great nation made invaluable contributions to the world. She taught the lessons of peace, unity in diversity, universal brotherhood, offered the treasure of wisdom and traditional knowledge and so on and so forth. She stood to many onslaughts and gave great messages.

She won the freedom, industries came, the corporate arose and development came. The development of few families and nexuses, not the public.The corruption grew and it became a norm.The profits were made and rooted to Swiss banks. Authority without moral have joined hands with the thugs in exploitig the nation. Poverty made official by announcing that  'Rupees.28/- day are enough for a living' (55 Rupees = 1 U.S.Dollar). 

 Peace and harmony are replacing by greed and gluttony. Frustration among the public is to leading to chaos, rebellion and popular movements. Instability is taking various forms;  political, economic and what not?.

What now needed for the nation in this hard time is the leadership.

This not the crisis came out of the oil, nor of the stock exchange. It is the crisis came out from the vacuum of leadership. India needs leadership. Leadeship with moral courage. 

Voluntary organisations and phlanthropists should focus on developing the leadership among the youth and the women. It is for the corporate leadership to decide whether to let continue the chaos or to intervene with the national interest.