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Choices Winners Make

There are many things effective leaders can learn from great athletes. Below I have simply listed four:

  1. Great athletes and effective leaders...don't give up on the things they believe in. If you give up on your dreams too soon, they will never become a reality. PRESS ON!
  2. Great athletes and effective leaders...maintain a positive attitude. It's difficult to be great and or effective if you have a negative approach to life. STAY POSITIVE!
  3. Great athletes and effective leaders...endure the pain. Some of lives greatest accomplishments and blessings come after painful experiences. AFTER THE RAIN, COMES THE SUN!
  4. Great athletes and effective leaders...ignore the naysayers (haters). People will doubt your ability, skills, and talent...however in order to be GREAT you cannot afford to be distracted by the doubt of others. REMAIN FOCUSED!