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Building Leadership from the Grass Roots

by Jim Taggart May 31, 2015

Alberta TCHWhen you think about leadership what first comes to mind?

Do you have images of presidents of big corporations or prominent politicians or four star generals?

Leadership is much more than that. People from all walks of life step up to the plate to take on leadership roles.

For instance, consider some relatively recent bottom-up, grassroots movements where ordinary citizens displayed extraordinary bravery and leadership: the Arab Spring, initiated by a Tunisian street peddler; the Occupy Movement which spread like wildfire across dozens of countries; and the upwell of demonstrations for a livable minimum wage by service sector people across North America.

People rise to the occasion, which has been demonstrated over centuries of human activity. A powerful read is Emile Zola’s book Germinal, set in the 1860s in northern France, where repressed and abused workers fight back through violent protest.

People rise to the occasion in Canada, America, Great Britain, Europe, the Middle East and in many other countries. In this post we’ll look at how leadership is on the move in rural Canada.

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