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Bold: How to be brave in business and win, by Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan

by Phil Dourado March 22, 2011

BOLD is the new book from Hub member Shaun Smith (partiality note - I sometimes work with Shaun and am a fan of his work in defining the emerging field of 'the customer experience' over the past decade).

I have mine on order. There's a neat little iPhone app you can download to compare your company or organization to the ones profiled in the book to see how bold your business is. This is from the publishers:

From the publisher: "In every industry, some brands stand out from the crowd because of their distinct way of doing things. These companies challenge conventional wisdom and industry norms to win in their markets.

They see their customers and employees as members of a like-minded community, deliver unique and remarkable customer experiences, and are able to create an almost cult-like following around their brand. 

Bold is about 14 such businesses. They put purpose before profit, go beyond what customers expect, and relentlessly differentiate themselves from everyone else. They know no compromise and show no timidity. They are bold in thought and execution, and they measure their success in new ways. 

Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan include revealing interviews with key executives and let them tell each brand's story in ways that capture the unique culture of each company. The lively accounts are supported by a page design that in full color stresses and summarizes the key points. 

The 14 business represent an international "who's who" in consumer insight and engagement, from Brazilian sunglasses retailer Chilli Beans with over 200 stores in Brazil, Portugal and now the United States, to Zappos, the US the online shoe retailer. Other companies profiled include Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson's commercial spaceflight venture; Malaysian low-cost airline AirAsia, which builds a global brand by sponsoring sports teams including the Oakland Raiders; JCB, the manufacturer of heavy equipment; Umpqua Bank, based in Portland, Oregon; and Best Buy's The Geek Squad, provider of computer support and repair services.

There are 14 great learning points from the book here on the book's website.