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The best potato peeler in the world

by Zen Master June 5, 2015

Lee Cockerell looks for 3 things when hiring a new employee: 

Skill, Passion and Attitude.

Only one of those can be 'fixed'. You can teach skill, but passion and attitude are immensely more personal and difficult to shape.

Lee Cockerell BookLee talks about attitude in his latest podcast.

After a tremendous accident in his mess hall, Lee was demoted to peeling potatoes. And what he learned that day was that it did not matter how low he felt; he should peel those potatoes with a positive attitude. He peeled like a man possessed so that no one could ignore him, and soon he had his job back.

It's all about self-reflection (funny that, coming from me).

If your attitude is not strong and positive at work, why is that?

Are you happy with your work? Are you passionate enough? Would you be doing something like this even if you weren't being paid?

Are you willing to get honest feedback from people about how they perceive your attitude at work?

Honest self-reflection and small incremental improvements are the best way to change what you don't like about your attitude.

Next time you're stuck peeling potatoes, choose to be the best potato peeler in the world.

Here's Lee's podcast to enjoy.