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Be Entertained: Mr. W. video, courtesy David Zinger

by The Architect June 1, 2012

Up from the Hub archives. Originally published 2007

Hat tip and thanks to David Zinger for pointing us at this video. Bear with it: I found the first thirty seconds disturbingly misogynistic: especially the first scene outside the vegetable store, and I was going to stop watching it, as his aggression seems particularly levelled at women and that was creepy. But, the punchline at the end is cool and I THINK makes the creepy bits understandable and acceptable (do contradict me if you think not, though: I'm in two minds).

Leader learning point? Well, if there has to be one, it's look to turn a threat or problem into an opportunity. But, honestly, it's just a bit of fun to help re-energize you with the power of surprise.