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by Brianne Scholl January 8, 2010

In the Team Performance Continum, you have two sides: group/co-existance and team/synergy. But what are these two exactly?

A group is made up of two or more people working towards a common goal where everyone may or may not be aware of all members in the group or their contribution due to interdependence and no interaction when working on goals. As for a team is made up of two or more people are aware of positive interdependence and wants to achieve a mutual goal. They interact with each other and they have a defibe role and function when performing.

But what does co-existance and synergy have to do with it? Co-existance in a group is where everyone is working with each other and tolerating each other. They are not allowing themselves to ignite each other strengths. Co-existance in a team is not possible because a team works up to the synergy level. Syngery is combine parts that are greater than the product. Example: 1 + 1 = 3. My team and I, we all have differant strengths. One of my strengths is includer, where I enjoy bringing my team closer when we are working with each other and I make sure that everyone's idea is being put out there. (Ideas: not right, not wrong, but just differant when they do not make sense) Make sure you work up to that synergy level!

Defy working in a group and synergize as a team