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10 Intrinsic Qualities and Traits of a Good Leader

by Damien Robinson August 30, 2010

There is No "I" in TEAMWORK

In this life, we are tasked with several responsibilities. Some we own and are solely ours while others we acquire or are chosen by us. Throughout the course of my career, I've had the unique privilege and opportunity to be involved with both large and small teams. I understand what it means to be on a team and can work collectively to increase productivity, build morale, develop a game plan and meet a predefined target. Even as a consultant and project manager, a client may hire me to provide my professional expertise, however as with any project, the team, group or organization is ultimately responsible for moving forward based on recommendations, resources, tools and wisdom that is given in order to maintain an effective course of action. Understanding the context of leadership is a key component in the strategy and planning stages of any team.

So, what is LEADERSHIP?

Wikipedia defines leadership as [the "process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.] The role of a leader requires a modicum of unselfishness because a certain level of sacrifice has to be made initially and internally. The choice is up to the leader. The leader must choose their role be a leader, agree to be dedicated to committing to the continual process cultivating other leaders and come into the realization that they have an objective and goals to fulfill. So, you believe that you're a leader? The role of leadership is one that comes with passion, drive and a hard-core desire to really do what it is you believe you are called to do. Leaders are not afraid to work.

According to Billy Hornsby 

"Everyone is subordinate to someone—some board, some coach, some law, some other leader."

What I've learned is that without the efforts and cohesive skill-sets of the team as a whole, any plan of action that may be set into play will ultimately not be met. Any organization without a plan of action will only remain stagnant. Here are 10 intrinsic qualities and traits of good leaders:

  1. Leadership can be charismatic, transactional or transformational.
  2. Leaders have to learn to lead first by taking charge.
  3. Leaders understand that there are mutually agreed upon objectives and common goals that must be met and facilitate in the process of creating success.
  4. Leaders are not afraid to ask others for help.
  5. A true leader is driven, implored by the vision and completely understands their mission.
  6. Leaders should be able to develop other leaders during their process of leading.
  7. Leadership comes with a natural-born desire to lead.
  8. Sound leadership comes with a genuine dynamic initiative focusing on the end result.
  9. Real leaders create a sound and solid strategy so that those under their managers are cultivated with enthusiam to complete a certain task or task.
  10. Real leaders know how to lead... and follow.

Additionally, I believe this acrostic haiku does a fantastic job of explaining LEADERSHIP. Enjoy!

LLove people
EEncourage people
AAffirm people and add value
DDelegate In order to develop
EExemplify the type of people you want others to be.
RRespect everybody
SBe willing to serve people
H – Humble yourself
II may not have the best idea
PPractice what you say you value

Taken from in The Jesus Way, where it was originally posted.